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Home Air Conditioner for Houston Residence

Home Air Conditioner for Houston Residence

Get the Professionals at Work for Your New Home Air Conditioner

If you are living in Texas, having an air conditioner is not an option for you, but it is a must. Toms Quality Comfort is a leading air conditioner service company that can offer the best solutions for all your air conditioning needs. From the day of our inception, we are dedicated to offer premium air conditioning services to our residential clients. Whether you want to install a new AC or get the old one replaced, our expert technicians will help you with everything.

Home Air Conditioner for Houston Residenance

New Home Air Conditioner Services from Toms Quality Comfort

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to air conditioners. At Toms, we have a team of expert AC professionals who will assess your personal needs and offer the best solutions. When you are in need of a new home air conditioner, we will offer you with all the options available out there, so that you can make an informed decision. We can also help you understand the options and benefits of the units available to you. Here’s a feature comparison chart for your reference.


3 ton AC Units



Trane Rheem Carrier Lennox


SEER 16 15 13 13 13 13
Phase Single stage Single stage Single stage Single stage 3-Phase
Refrigerant R-410A R-410A R-410A R-22 R-410A R-410A
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty on Compressor 10yr on compressor, outdoor coil & all other functional parts 10 yr Warranty on compressor and parts 1yr parts and labor warranty 5 yr Limited Warranty on covered components including compressor


We understand the air conditioning systems inside out, so we can help you make the best decisions. Once you have identified the best cooling system for your home, our skilled technicians will help you get the new home air conditioner installed properly. Our technicians are highly skilled, so you can have peace of mind. Our team will install the air conditioner accurately to ensure maximum cooling and longevity. In case, you find something wrong, our team will at once reach your place and mend the mistakes.

Best Residential Air Conditioning Services at the Most Affordable Rates

Home Air Conditioner for Houston ResidenanceAt Toms Quality Comfort, we offer a level of service that is second to none. We believe in offering highest quality services at the most affordable prices, to foster the relationships with our clients. We make sure that you stay comfortable even when the temperature reaches to the maximum.

Buying a new home air conditioner is not enough, until it is installed and starts working. So, we at Toms Quality Comfort offer prompt AC installation, repair and maintenance services to ensure minimum discomfort. Investing in an air conditioner means a lot, so you must ensure that it remains in a good working condition and does not require costly repairs. By hiring us, you can make sure the AC is maintained properly and offers maximum efficiency.

So if you are looking for the most reliable, honest and advanced AC service provider, you have come to the right place. Not only installation, we can also help you with repair and maintenance of the home air conditioners to ensure maximum efficiency, highest performance and optimal cooling.

At Toms Quality Comfort, we care for our clients and go an extra mile to keep them happy and comfortable. So, if you are in need of a new home air conditioner, look no further. Give us a call and get your new home air conditioner installed right away!

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Air Conditioner Repair

The Best Air Conditioner Repair Service provider

For years, Toms Quality Comfort has been the best and most reliable company offering air conditioning replacement, repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients. Toms is your one stop air conditioning repairing company that is dedicated to address all your AC repair needs promptly. Toms offers the most reliable, affordable and quick AC repair services to make sure you don’t get scorched in the heat during summer.

Best-in-Class AC Repair Services by Toms

Air Conditioner RepairNo doubt there are many air conditioner repair service providers in Texas, but not all are alike. To get the best services at the most affordable rates, you have to work with Toms Quality Comfort. Why? At Toms we employ courteous and skilled technicians, who keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and techniques, so that they can provide you with the most reliable advice and services. No matter what your requirements are, our helpful staffs and technician will provide the necessary help to sort out the problems.

Our technicians would perform an in-depth analysis of the air conditioning system at your home or office and then recommend the necessary steps to be taken. They will also give a detailed reasoning of the recommendations provided, if needed. We go an extra mile to make our clients happy and satisfied and this is the reason why we have a never-ending list of happy customers.

Toms Quality Comforts Works with the Leading AC Manufacturers

At Toms Quality Comfort, we work with the major AC manufacturers to make sure we can cater to the needs of maximum number of people in Tomball, Spring, Houston, Magnolia, etc. We deal with leading air conditioner manufacturers such as Lennox, Trane, Carrier and many others.

We want you to enjoy prolonged comfort of a long-lasting air conditioning system at your home and office, so we offer the best-in-class AC repair services in a number of cities. Our AC repair technicians are well versed with a large number of Air conditioning systems and model, so whether you have an American Standard AC or Tempstar AC, you can rely on us with closed eyes when it comes to air conditioner repair.

Toms Quality Comfort can help you with any kind of air conditioning problem and diagnose your home to offer solutions that will make your home energy efficient.

Air Conditioner Repair

Repair or Replace? Get the Right Advice from Toms

When your air conditioning system stops working, you have to choose from two choices – either repair the system or get it replaced by a new one. However, making the decision is not easy. Most of the times you will need professional help to determine whether repairing or replacement would be the best choice.

Technicians at Toms will diagnose the entire AC system and look for the root cause of the problem (why the AC stopped working) and then, depending upon the severity of the problem they will recommend repairing or replacement. Unlike other air conditioner repair companies, who work to increase their profit margins; we work for the benefit of our clients. Toms Quality Comfort offer unmatched and exclusive air conditioner repair, so if your air conditioning system requires repair, give us a call. Our courteous and friendly staffs will schedule a repair technician to visit your place and make sure everything is being taken care of.

Be assured that with Toms you will get honest and accurate solutions. No matter whether you are located in The Woodlands, Cypress or Houston, we strive to restore your comfort by providing the quickest air conditioner repair services.

So look no further. If you have any problem with your cooling unit, get in touch with us at once!

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AC Installation Cost

AC Installation Cost

Most Reliable and Affordable AC Installation Service

If you live in Texas, having an air conditioner is not just a luxury. With rising temperatures during summer, it is a must to have an efficient and cost-effective air conditioner to avoid sweating throughout the summer. So whether you want to replace your old and inefficient air conditioner or install a new AC in your home or office, Toms Quality Comfort can help. We offer the most reliable and affordable AC installation services in many parts of Texas that include Magnolia, Cypress, Houston and many more.

Air Conditioning Installation Cost – Toms Quality Comfort

AC Installation CostAir conditioners can be installed in a number of ways depending upon the type of building and the pre-existing systems. Since an air conditioner installation can never be a DIY project, you should always look for professionals offering the best AC installation services at the most reasonable rates.

Experienced professionals would be able to tell how what are the exact requirements and what need to be done to install the air conditioner in the most efficient and hassle free manner. At Toms Quality Comfort, we employ the most experienced and highly proficient AC technicians who can handle AC installation projects of all intricacies.

It is due to our expert team that we can offer the most competitive AC installation costs. However, the cost of installing an AV would depend on your specific situation. So if you want to replace an AC or get a new AC installed, let us know immediately. Our experts would scrutinise your requirements as well as your home to determine how much effort it would take to get the AC installed. Depending upon their analysis we would quote you a price.

We guarantee the best services at the most affordable rates to make our clients happy. We cater to the needs of commercial as well as residential clients, so no matter what your requirements are, you can rely on us.

Factors Affecting Air Conditioner Installation Cost

There are many factors that affect the AC installation cost, so depending upon what kind of AC you are looking for, we can quote the exact price. We are experienced to work with ACs of all makes and models, such as Carrier, American Standard, Trane, York, etc. and offer the best installation services in major parts of Texas including Tomball, Spring, Cypress, The Woodlands, Magnolia, etc.

The factors that affect the AC installation rates are:

  • Size of the AC (depends on size oh home, number of people, etc.)
  • Type of AC (split AC, Ductless, etc.)
  • Labour costs
  • Complexity of installation process

AC Installation Cost

Toms Quality Comfort is a certified and licensed air conditioner service provider that has years of experience in installing ACs of various makes and model. So you can enjoy a cup of hot tea, while we install your air conditioner to turn your home into the most comfortable place.

Long with installation, we can also help you repair and maintain the air conditioner to restore efficiency an improve longevity. With regular maintenance you can make sure that the air conditioner works with full power throughout the summer, without letting you down. So, if you are looking forward to get a new AC installed in your home or office, get in touch with Toms Quality Comfort, the one stop shop for all kinds of AC services.

Whether you are located in Tomball, Houston, Cypress or Magnolia, our experts will reach you in no time and address all your AC related issues. So think no more, pick up the phone and talk to us today for any AC-related needs.


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2.5 ton AC Unit Prices

Get the Best 2.5 ton of Commercial Air Conditioner for Your Office

Worrying about the air conditioner is the last thing you want to do when running a business. Toms Quality Comfort ensures that the air conditioner at your office works without hitches and maintaining the temperature at your workplace is hassle free.

Creating the right environment within your office is necessary to improve the productivity and keep the employees happy. Toms Quality Comfort offers the best and most efficient commercial air conditioners and top notch air conditioner services, so that you can maintain an optimal temperature within the office. So if you are looking for the best commercial air conditioner service provider, you have reached the right place.

The Best Air Conditioners at the Best Prices

2.5 ton AC Unit PricesKeeping the workplace cool during the summer can be the toughest challenge, but our team will help you at every step to keep the office comfortable. We make sure that a faulty air conditioner does not let you down before your employees, clients and customers.

At Toms Quality Comfort, we have the widest selection of air conditioners to choose from. We make sure that the system you choose is the perfect fit for you and your office. With Toms you can completely have peace of mind and concentrate on your business, since we take away all the stress related to the air conditioning system in your office.

As a business owner, you want to invest in an air conditioner that offers optimal cooling, right? At Toms we offer AC from all the leading manufacturers like Rheem, Trane, Goodman, etc. So whether you are looking for a 2.5 ton Goodman air conditioner or a 3 ton Lennox air conditioner for your office, you can find everything at Toms Quality Comfort.

Whatever be your budget, we will help you find the best and most efficient air conditioner for your office. Many of our clients ask us, why does the price of an AC unit vary? You must also be wondering about the same thing; but the simple answer is the cost varies due to the additional features, the energy efficiency, power of the AC, technology used and several other factors. So the 2.5 ton AC unit price will be different if you choose a 13 SEER AC in place of a 16 SEER AC.

Here is a comparison chart that shows price and features of ACs from different brands:

2.5 ton AC Unit
  Trane Rheem Lennox Goodman Carrier York
SEER 10 13 13 13 13 13
Refrigerant R-22 R-410a R-22 R-410a 410
Sound Level Low Low Low Low
Price  $3300 $3200 $1,048.99 $1,222

Toms Quality Comfort – The Best AC Service Provider

2.5 ton AC Unit PricesToms Quality Comfort offers best-in-class air conditioner services to numerous commercial clients. We offer the best repair, maintenance, installation and replacement services, to help the companies maintain the highest comfort level within their offices.

Even the best air conditioner would encounter some problem at some point of time, so it is best to stay prepared. Hire our team of proficient AC technicians to perform regular maintenance and check-ups, so that you can keep all AC related problems at bay.

So whether you want to get a new AC installed or repair a faulty air conditioner, Toms Quality Comfort can help you with everything. With Toms you can be sure that your HVAC system is in experienced and capable hands. Call us today for any AC-related questions — whether you’re trying to buy a new AC or fixing an old one.

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2 ton AC Unit Prices

Looking for the Best Air Conditioner? Call Toms Quality Comfort!

Looking for the best air conditioner for your home this summer? Buying an AC doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive deal.  Toms Quality Comfort deals with the major air conditioner manufacturers like Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, Trane and York, so we can offer you with the best air conditioner based on your personal needs. So look no further. Order your home air conditioner from us today and ditch the summer heat!

Get the Best Air Conditioner at the Most Affordable Rates

2 ton AC Unit PricesAt Toms Quality Comfort, we are dedicated to make lives easier and happier. So by offering premium air conditioner services, we strive to help our clients cope with the cruel summer heat. Whether you want to install an AC, replace an old AC or maintain your air conditioner, Toms can help you with everything. We also provide the best advice to help our clients choose the right air conditioner for their home.

Toms Quality Comfort
is also an authorized dealer of air conditioners of various makes and models, so depending upon your personal needs; we can offer you the most suitable air conditioner. We also ensure you get the air conditioners at the best rates, so if you are looking for a 2 ton Ac unit for your home, we can offer you the most competitive 2 ton AC unit price.

Remember, the 2 ton AC unit price would differ with each manufacturer, so here is a comparison chart to show the price comparison of 2 ton AC unit from various manufacturers:

  2 ton AC Unit *Estimated
  Trane Carrier Lennox Rheem Goodman York
SEER 21 13 14 14 14 13
Price $2,500 $1,339 $1,822.43 $1,377 $1,159
Warranty 12 year warranty on compressor and 10 year limited warranties on outdoor coil and internal functional parts 10 year parts and 3 year labor warranty 5 Year Conditional Unit Replacement Warranty Warranty parts – 5yrs and compressor -10yrs

Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, Trane and York

Best Air Conditioner Services by Toms Quality Comfort

Not only do we help you select the right air conditioner, we also help you maintain the cooling systems after they get installed in your home. We offer the best pre and post sale support services, which is the reason why we have a never ending list of loyal customers. At Toms, we priorities, customer satisfaction over everything else, so we go an extra mile to make our clients happy.

We, at Toms Quality Comfort offer top notch air conditioner service at the most affordable rates:

  • Installation: If you want to install a new AC in your home, our trained and skilled technicians will get the job done in the most hassle free manner.
  • Replacement: Want to replace your old AC with a modern and energy-efficient air conditioner? Toms can help. Get the widest range of air conditioners to choose from.
  • Repair: Is your air conditioner not cooling properly? Is your AC making weird noises? Give us a call soon. Our technicians will get to the root of the problem and get it fixed at once.
  • Maintenance: proper maintenance of the air conditioner is very important to ensure optimal cooling and maximum efficiency. Toms can help you maintain the cooling systems all round the year at the most affordable rates.

So whether you are looking for a 2 ton AC unit or a 3 ton AC unit, you can get everything at Toms Quality Comfort. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with the best solutions.

Choose the best AC unit from us and make your life easier! Give us a call to know more.

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