Houston Solar Vent Installation

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Houston Solar Vents – Attic Solar Vents Houston lowering Energy Cost

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Houston Solar Vent Installation
There is no better way to cool an attic.

Houston Solar Vent Installation: Attic temperatures can reach a searing 160 degrees on a hot summer’s day, and that heat can damage AC and heating equipment, ductwork, structure materials and even stored possessions.

Cool the attic – cool the house. Adequate solar ventilation can lower attic temperatures 30 – 50 degrees, significantly reducing AC load and virtually eliminating uncomfortable ‘hot’ spots and temperature variations. The whole house is more comfortable, even the upstairs.

Traditional electric fans are noisy and generate heat, Operation costs can run a hundred dollars or more; they occasionally catch fire; and they seldom last more than two to five years. Ridge vents, round vents and other passive measures help some, but for the same cost or less, a powerful solar attic fan is far more effective.

At 1600 CFM (cubic feet per minute), these powerful, sun-powered fans will exchange the air in your attic 10-14 times per hour for maximum ventilation – for free.

Solar attic fans pay for themselves very quickly.

Houston Solar Vent Installation: Why every home in Houston should have a Solar Attic Fan:

  • They pay for themselves in two years or less – with current rebates from the US government of 30%, and even more in state governments and utilities.
  • AC units last longer because they don’t have to work as hard. A 25-watt unit typically reduces AC load 20-30%.
  • Noticeably feel the difference right away. Your whole house, especially the upstairs, is more comfortable.
  • Heating equipment, hot-water heaters and everything else in the attic last much longer. Heat is their enemy.
  • Moisture rises up from home appliances, compromising roof structure. Solar ventilation pulls moisture out along with the heat.
  • A cooler, dryer environment ensures stored items retain their freshness much better.

Why choose Breezemaster?

  • Transferable, 25-year product warranty
  • High-impact solar glass
  • Maintenance free
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized steel construction
  • Customized, fiber blades highly resistant to temperature variations
  • Adjustable brackets, thermal switch included
  • Solid piece, non-welded construction
  • Brushless motor ensures years of service
  • Powerful 25-watt power source
  • Best-on-market 1600-plus cubic feet per min.
  • Attractive circular design resist wind
  • Low-voltage DC motor runs cool and quite

You may qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit!

 Houston Solar Vent Installation

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