Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

Oftentimes you need to replace your old air conditioner and get a new and more efficient air conditioning system. There is nothing worse than a malfunctioning AC in the middle of hot and scorching summer season. You can make sure that your air conditioner keeps working throughout the summer season without any hitches with regular servicing from Toms Quality Comfort. If it is necessary replace the air conditioner, we can help you with that as well. Simply let us know your needs and we’ll be there to help you.

Affordable Air Conditioner Replacement Services

Air Conditioner Replacement CostA lot has changed in the field of air conditioning to make the systems energy efficient and ensure better performance. So if you have been using the air conditioners for over 10 years, it is high time that you get it replaced by an advanced and more efficient air conditioning system. The latest air conditioning systems use a new type of refrigerant that lowers ozone layer depletion and consume lesser energy resulting in lower electricity bills.

Toms Quality Comfort can help you choose the most suitable air conditioner depending upon the size of your home or office, number of people and personal requirements. We work with leading air conditioning manufacturers such as Rheem, Lennox, Carrier, American Standard and many more. So if you have recently experiencing excessive humidity, weird noise and water accumulation, you might require replacing the AC. However, it’s not easy to decide whether you should repair or replace the air conditioner. As experienced AC professional, we can provide you with the best and most relevant advice regarding air conditioners.

Factors Affecting Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

Toms Quality Comfort strives to offer the best air conditioner services at the most affordable prices. Many of you might ask how much it would cost to replace your old air conditioners. The answer would be – it depends on various factors and we would have to do an in-depth analysis of your requirements to quote a price for replacing your air conditioners.

However, the basic things that determine the replacement costs are:

  • Size: in order to get a highly efficient air conditioner, you need to know the exact size of the air conditioner for your home and office. Air conditioners are measured in terms of ‘tons’ which represents the amount of heat it can remove from the room in one hour. The larger the house or room, the more powerful your AC unit has to be.
  • SEER Ratio: The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratio, the better it is. The SEER ratio is a measure of the AC’s total cooling output (in BTU) during a specific season divided by the total electric energy input. Higher SEER ratios mean lower energy consumption and faster cooling time. Given below is a SEER efficiency comparison chart for 2.5 ton central AC and matching evaporating coil.
Central Air Efficiency Ratings AC & Coil AC & Coil Installed
13-14 SEER (Standard Efficiency) $1,215 $2,390
15-16 SEER (High Efficiency) $1,640 $3,140
17-18 SEER (High Efficiency) $1,960 $3,840
19-21 SEER (Super High Efficiency) $2,490 $4,970
22-24 SEER (Highest Available Efficiency) $2,980 $6,210


  • Additional Feature: the more features you add to your requirement, the more will be the cost.

Installation fees for Toms Quality Comfort during replacement of an old air conditioner is very low compared to that charged by other AC service companies. Thus the overall air conditioning replacement cost for Toms is lower than of the competitors.

Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

Most Efficient AC Replacement Technicians

In order to make sure the new air conditioner is installed properly, you need to hire the best and most experienced AC professionals. Toms Quality Comfort is proud to have a team of highly experienced and trained AC technicians who know their work well and make sure they get the job done right. Proper installation is very important to lower risks and ensure longevity of the cooling system.

At Toms, we don’t specialize in just replacing your AC, we specialize in ensuring your peace of mind. If you think your air conditioner needs replacing, call us today!

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