New AC Unit Price

New AC Unit Price

Toms Quality Comfort Helps You Buy a New AC Unit for Your Home

Are you shopping for a new air conditioner? Want to upgrade the old AC in your home? You have reached the right place. Toms Quality Comfort offers top notch air conditioner services to residential as well as commercial clients. We prioritize customer satisfaction above everything and this is the reason why we have been able to win the numerous loyal customers.

If you are unsure about how to buy the best air conditioner and what the price of new AC unit should be, our experts can help you. Just get in touch with us and tell us your requirements and we’ll help you choose the best air conditioner within your budget.

New AC Unit Price

Buy the Best Air Conditioner within Your Budget

Today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of air conditioners to meet the demands of the end users. No matter whether you live in a lavish villa or a compact apartment, you can find an AC that meets your personal needs. However, the home AC unit price varies considerably depending upon which brand you choose and the specifications of the specific AC unit.

So how would you ensure you buy the best AC unit at the most reasonable price? Here are the tops things to consider when buying an AC for your home:

Tonnage of AC

Tonnage measures the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. The cooling capacity is measure by the amount of heat the AC machine can extract in an hour and is expressed in BTU. When it comes to buying a new air conditioner, you must remember that bigger is not always better. You must always focus on buying the right sized unit to ensure optimal cooling and maximum energy-efficiency.

Energy Rating

New AC Unit PriceWorried about sky-rocketing electricity bills? You need not worry. You can find numerous AC units that consume less powers and offer maximum cooling. To choose an energy-efficient AC, you must first check the energy rating of the air conditioner unit. Higher the energy rating, lower will be the energy consumption and the air conditioner would be much more environment friendly.

Single Stage or 2-Stage AC

Air conditioners can be categorized into two types: single stage ACs and 2-stage ACs. Single stage ACs start with 100% capacity when turned on, that is it will start cooling with full potential irrespective of the outside temperature; whereas a 2-stage AC will start with approximately 2/3rd of its maximum capacity when turned on and will reach 100% only when the outside temperature is high enough.

The new AC unit price will vary depending on the above factors. Along with this you need to add the cost of installation to get an idea of the total cost to buy and install a new AC. Toms Quality Comfort offer you the best AC unit at the most competitive rates and the most affordable installation charges. So you can now choose from a wide selection of ACs from the leading manufacturers like Lennox, Trane, Rheem, etc. and get them installed without spending much. Toms is a one-stop AC service shop so we can help you maintain, repair and replace ACs as well. We have employed the best AC technicians, so you can be sure about the quality of work.

Here is a new AC unit price comparison for various brands:


  3 ton New AC Unit
  Trane Rheem Lennox Goodman Carrier York
SEER 16 16 18 13 18
Stage Single Phase Two Stage Two Stage Two Stage Two Stage
Price $4,141.82 $2,409.00 $2,198.00 $1,199.80 $1,799.99 $3223.16


Whether you are located in The Woodlands, Houston, Cypress or Tomball, you can take advantage of our high-quality work at the most reasonable rates.

Get in touch with us to get your new AC unit installed today!

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